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Perfect Dental visited Donnelly’s Darlings preschool
February 24, 2020

Perfect Dental visited Donnelly’s Darlings preschool for their yearly dental learning month. We love to teach the little ones the importance of healthy eating.

Perfect Dental Methuen - empower the community
February 19, 2020

Perfect Dental is always involved in community affairs, helping , sponsoring and informing the community about the importance of oral hygiene.

Patient Appreciation Valentine's Day Event
February 13, 2020

Perfect Dental Hyde Park want to celebrate Valentine's Day with you and your family. Stop by and enjoy some refreshments, cup cakes, raffles and more. We will be waiting for you.

Oasis Adult Day Health Appreciation Recognition
February 5, 2020

Thank you Oasis Senior Center for the appreciation recognition, and for always working together as a great time supporting one another.

February is National Children's Dental Health Month!
February 5, 2020

Teaching children healthy dental and oral health habits early on helps pave the road for a healthy mouth later in life!

Meet Our Hygienist Madona | Perfect Dental Methuen
January 30, 2020

Our hygienists are well trained in the latest technology. Each member is dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care to patients of all ages. Your oral health is our top priority!

Our Guess How many prize winner goes to Michael
January 30, 2020

Our Guess How many prize winner goes to Michael! Congratulations! Stop by our office today to enter into this months “Guess How Many” in the Jar for a chance to win a prize!

Tooth Enamel
January 29, 2020

Do you know what the hardest substance in your body is? If you’re thinking the enamel on your teeth, you’re absolutely right!

January patient of the month goes to Phirum
January 29, 2020

January patient of the month goes to Phirum congratulations, enjoy your Dunkin gift card!

Check out our patient ZOOM experience
January 29, 2020

ZOOM Whitening Is something you WONT REGRET, give us a call and book your ZOOM Whitening whitening today!